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Cold Drinks & Food

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Shopper 432

Shopper 432 “No one stacks up to the Shopper.”





  • Each shelf has 5″ height, allowing full product view. Stocking time is also faster with consistent height.
  • Exclusive “Prefer Max” function automatically returns the drum to the view with the most product for sale.
  • Five Zone partitioned drum provides excellent merchandising alternatives.
  • Two-way rotation speeds shopping time … quicker selection, more sales.
  • Side-of-drum storage area is refrigerated for extra food and beverage items.
  • Refrigeration unit can be easily serviced from the front of the machine.
  • Health control function is computer controlled for tamper proof protection
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Merchant Combo “Merchant styling now Refrigerated.”





  • Available in Merchant 6 and Merchant 4 configuration.
  • Customize to vend snacks, food and drinks to suit your location.
  • SureVend guarantees product delivery.
  • LED lighting.
  • Energy Star compliant.
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AMS Bottle/Food Combo

AMS Bottle-Food Combo
  • Ideal machine for serving fresh food, milk, water and juices.
  • Very versatile machine for whatever product mix suits your customer.
  • Triple pane glass and extra insulation for energy efficiency.
  • Available in 35″ and 39″ wide models.
  • “Sensit” technology ensures that your customer always receives their product.
  • Health and Safety control function software prevents the vending of unsafe product.




AMS Super Capacity Can Tray

AMS Super Capacity Can Tray Available in both 39″ and 35″ models!





  • 4 or 5 selections of 355ml cans, 24 cans per selection.
  • Combined with a bottle tray, allows you to vend specialty and hi-volume cans.
  • “What you see is what you get” – No labels required.
  • Simple, dependable and easy to load.


AMS Frozen Food

AMS Frozen Food
  • Two levels of freezing to accommodate both ice cream and microwaveable products.
  • Five trays can be customized for a varied product mix.
  • Require only a 15 amp 120 volt service.
  • Sensit technology ensures customer receives their product.
  • 3″ layer of foam insulation ensures better insulation and lower energy costs.

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BevMax 4

BevMax 4 Large glass door provides outstanding product display to generate sales.





  • Raised cup allows for gentle handling of product which minimizes foaming.
  • Mounted within cabinet for enhanced reliability and long life.
  • Multiple shaped packages can be vended without adjusting the setup.
  • Dual gate design prevents product from falling if machine is rocked.
  • Beverage trays allow for full 20oz./ 600ml capacity on all trays (360 bottles).
  • Door opens 180 degrees flush to allow it to be placed in a bank or next to a wall.


BevMax 4 ‘Narrow’

BevMax Narrow Same great features as the Standard BevMax 4 in a small footprint.





  • Fits in a 40″ w x 33″ d space.
  • Tier 2 Energy Star Compliant.
  • Modular refrigeration system.
  • Accommodates taller packages.
  • Multiple shaped packages can be vended without adjusting the setup. (no shims).
  • LED lighting provides outstanding product visibility.
  • Delivery sensors ensure customer receives their product.

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Cold Drink

Merlin IV “Vending into the 21st Century”





  • “Direct drive” DC vend motor in each column.
  • User friendly menu style programming.
  • Supports MDB coin mechanism bill validator and card readers.
  • Shimless stack.
  • Chute sensor ensures product delivery.

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Designed for increased capacity and package flexibility”

  • V21 Offers fast setup – Converting columns from bottles to cans has never been easier!
  • No shims, no spacers, no gauge bars, no gauge bar clips and no cams to adjust.
  • Simply move the spacer back, adjust the product step and select the appropriate depth setting.
  • For additional time-savings at product setup, the vend mechanisms are self-priming.
  • Chute sensor ensures product delivery.